About Dr. Vivek Bhutani

Dr. Vivek Bhutani B.D.S. FODI MIDA, (D Ortho) Consultant Dental Surgeon Clinical Orthodontist Formerly: Saroj Hospital, Rohini D.D.U. Hospital, Hari Nagar Rashmi Hospital, Pitampura On Panel ONGS, STC MMTC, PEC INDIAN AIRLINES

Dr. Vivek Bhutani is a specialist orthodontic, having experience of more than 17 years. He received his Bachelor in Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) from Amrawati Dental College, Maharastra, which is one of the best institution not just in India but whole of Asia. Dr. Bhutani is uniquely qualified to provide excellent orthodontic care to patients.
He performs procedure including Orthodontic, Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Therapy), Endodontic Retreatment, Dental Surgery, Treating Cracked teeth, and Treating Dental Trauma. He is also expert in all type of dental treatments such as Restorative (Dental Restorations, Crowns, Bridges), Prosthetic (Dentures), Dental Implant, Periodontal (Gum) Therapy, and Exodontias (Extraction of Teeth).
Braces & Dental Clinic is a place where he strives hard to provide excellent endodontic care in a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment. This environment enables him to treat each and every patient that comes to his clinic with exceptional care. As a result, he is able to achieve outstanding orthodontic outcomes.
He does everything he can to make his patients feel comfortable about his treatment. This starts by involving his patients with the treatment process, and explaining how he can help save their teeth. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology such as operating microscopes, fiber optics, ultrasonic instrumentation, and digital imaging to deliver the highest quality of care. Advanced technologies along with specialized techniques gives him a very accurate view of the tooth, and allow him to treat a patient very quickly and comfortably. "Most patients are pleasantly surprised once their treatment has been completed."